Ring doorbell transformer

Hi all,

I’m looking to get a wired ring doorbell installed, but trying to understand if / what transformer I need to go along with a pro2 bell.

In my chime box it looks as though the feed comes in directly from my consumer unit (the doorbell has is own on off on the unit) but I can’t see what voltage the (I assume) transformer takes things down to.

I may also be looking at the complete wrong thing but thought I would ask here in case anyone has / had a similar setup.

Photo of what I think is the current transformer? And chime attached - any help greatly appreciated!

Hi @Jamesd89. I zoomed in on your picture to gather the chime model to see if it is compatible with the Pro 2, and it might not be. After researching this chime, it looks like it might have a built-in transformer that only supplies 8 volts, which is not enough for the Pro 2. The Pro 2 needs a transformer with 16–24 VAC, 10–40 VA max, and 50–60 Hz.