Ring doorbell to act as a normal doorbell! Ring when button is pressed!

I can’t believe ring doorbell would only ring once if pressed then people would have to wait
30 seconds until they can ring it again is simply ridiculous .

If I knew this I never would have bought this, normal doorbell function is when someone presses the button it will ring asap, people shouldn’t have to wait!

Your advice to put the volume up doesn’t really help, Ring team really need to sort this out asap, it should be an easy fix!

Please sort it out!


Yes, this is absolutely crazy. We purchased four Doorbell Elites and had them professionally installed (cutting holes in our wall) only to discover that they are inoperable for more than a minute after being pressed. This is totally unacceptable and we have had multiple people tell us our doorbell is not working.

We would never have bought these $350 doorbells if we had known that they don’t have the most basic functionality of a doorbell. The icing on the cake is being told by customer support that they are meant to function this way and that we can BUY MORE CHIMES if we’re not hearing the first ring. Are you kidding me? The nerve!!!