Ring Doorbell suddenly offline

Doorbell offline and wont connect to wifi. All other household(non-ring)devices have no problems connecting. Wont pickup our secondary wifi signal either. Doorbell is charged, will ring, but wont broadcast video or signal to chime.

Same problem today, following

Hi @ChristopherD. Which specific Doorbell model do you have and is it hardwired? Are you able to Live View? What is the RSSI for this device? The RSSI can be found in the Device Health section of the Ring app. You can also try connecting the Doorbell to a WiFi hotspot to see if this is a network issue. Also, is the Chime showing that it is online?

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Mine is doing it too but it still alerts if there is motion. I went to look if the light was on the thing to see if it had power and all of a sudden it dinged saying motion. Even though it was offline the video started playing on my phone. It has been doing it on and off for about a week or so now, no idea what the deal is. I have the Pro from like 2-3 years ago no issues… The 2021 on the back door and it started freaking out just recently. They are on different transformers, checked power, no issues. Wifi no issues, connected to the eero thing that is built into the Ring alarm or my xfinity wifi no difference.

I suspect there is some software issue happening or something is losing connection with the doorbell because the motion still records. It just doesn’t let you live view whenever you want to you have to wait for motion. Then at random it will be back online when it feels like it.

Not to hijack your thread just adding to your thread my 2021 wired doorbell is connected to my network RSSI -55, transformer good. Live view is back it is online as of this morning. Last night it was offline.

I have a ring doorbell 3 that is hard wired. It stopped working. It is offline and will not reconnect to the internet. The orange restart button isn’t working to restart it. The whole thing is non-responsive! Other ring cameras indoors are working. I have tried restarting internet… it’s just the ring doorbell. It went offline weeks ago