Ring Doorbell Stopped Recording

I had a package stolen from my front doorstep this afternoon only to find out that the service stopped recording around 8:00AM.

So frustrating.

Sorry to hear about this @Kokovec! If you have the snapshot capture feature enabled, you might be able to check your timeline for a snapshot. Check out our help center article for more information on this feature.

If no motion picked up for this event, I recommend checking the motion settings in your Ring app and testing the detection in that area until optimal. If motion captured late, or the recording stopped prior to the event occurring. see if Motion Frequency or Recording Length settings might help.

Feel free to ask any further questions, as we want to ensure you are getting the intended experience with your Ring devices. :slight_smile:

The app was working but I lost live-view of only that camera (I have a backyard camera as well).

Then, like magic, the camera started working again and detecting motion.

Iā€™m not sure if the camera has been in use for over a year but I may replace it if this happens again.

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