Ring doorbell spontaneously reboots but gets stuck


I have a Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus (battery only). Tonight, when I went outside, it had a flashing blue light. According to the troubleshooting information I could find, that means it is rebooting.

30 minutes later, it was still rebooting. When I tried to connect to the doorbell from the Ring app, it said the doorbell was offline.

I went outside and removed the battery from the doorbell and reinserted it. A few minutes later, the doorbell was back online and I could view live video on it.

I suspect this is not the first time this has happened. Last spring, I was unable to do “Live View” on the doorbell. Unfortunately, I was 800 miles away, so I could not look at the doorbell to see what was happening. The app told me that the battery was 73%, which I assume means it was 73% the last time it communicated, so I don’t think the battery had suddenly died when it went offline. However, by the time I was finally able to get to the doorbell (about a month later), the battery had died by that time. When I charged it and reinserted it, the doorbell came back to life and all was well until tonight.

Currently, the battery is at 56% and the Firmware status is “up to date.” The signal strength is RSSI-43. It’s about 25 feet from the router, and the smart door lock that’s about a foot away has no problem communicating. When I hold my phone next to the doorbell, the Wi-Fi indicator shows all bars, so I believe the signal is sufficient.

Given that the the device has twice gone offline unexpectedly, I’m wondering if the device is defective. It’s on a vacation home, so we’re not here a lot of the time, and we need a reliable video doorbell to keep tabs on the home.

What should I do to get this resolved? …thanks!

Hi @MikeyInSoCal. It’s possible the Doorbell is experiencing intermittent wifi connectivity issues. Are there a lot of other wifi enabled devices in the same room as the Doorbell? The signal itself seems strong, but the wifi speeds may be insufficient, or stretched too thin if there’s a lot of devices on your network. What are your upload and download speeds? Performing a speed test will give you this information.

Hi, Caitlyn_Ring,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I never got a notification from the Community that someone had answered.

I just did a speed test while standing next to the Ring doorbell (i.e., from outside). Down is 540 Mpbs and Up is 386 Mpbs. The router is in the same room as the door next to the Ring doorbell. There are a couple of other devices in the same room, but my ISP assures me the router should be able to handle 250 devices without any problem.

That being said, why would the Ring doorbell try to reboot (and fail) if it felt it didn’t have sufficient wireless signal? I would understand if it couldn’t contact me if an event happened (someone pressed the button or the camera saw activity), but rebooting just doesn’t make sense. It hasn’t rebooted during times when the internet actually was down. …thanks!