Ring doorbell shows offline but still records video and sends alerts

Very strange problem and from what I can gather online it’s happened to others but there I can’t find a solution. Ring support so far has been no help so thought I’d try here. My hardwired Ring doorbell Pro has worked fine for months but last night it showed “offline” even though I was getting alerts as well as it showing that it was still recording video. If I ring the bell, it gives an alert. If someone walks in front of it, it records that incident. The thing it won’t let me do, however, is view the “live view” because it shows offline. Obviously it is not offline from the other things I’ve described. The device health shows good transformer voltage and an RSSI of -45. I’ve done a hard reset and went through the entire setup process twice. It will come back online for a short time but then goes back “offline”. Ring tech support cannot figure it out.


Same issue here but only affecting my Pro Wired Floodlight cams

Same for me on the Ring Doorbell 3. Recording video and uploading to cloud. The app shows offline but app is registering time and date of last health check. Tried a chat with ring. They couldn’t tell me if this was being reported by others and told me to call the 800 tech support. Live feed is not working as well.

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Hi there, neighbors! Whenever your device is not remaining connected, or is showing offline, the best first step is to check your wifi signal strength or RSSI. A device that is reporting offline or poor signal strength, and unable to connect to live view, might be too far from the router.

Here are some other important things to consider:

  • Verify if motion events allow live video to connect.
  • Try out the Rapid Ring app to test live view.
  • Ensure your internet speeds are sufficient to provide not only Ring devices, but all of your devices with enough network resources.

Feel free to confirm if other Ring devices are working as intended, or if a specific Ring device is having this concern. In the meantime, I will certainly pass this feedback along to our teams here for further investigation! :slight_smile:

Hi there, neighbors! We had our team look into this matter and any concerns related to a device showing offline when it is not, should be resolved. Please press the setup button on your Ring device to enter setup mode, then press it again to exit setup mode. This will allow it to reconnect and establish the connected status in your Ring app as intended, if it is not already. Alternatively, you can also follow the steps in this Help Center article to reconnect your Ring devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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My wired spotlight cam that’s about 2 years old it started having connection issues the last few weeks. Nothing has changed with my Comcast internet, router location or cam location and I have an wifi extender as well. The camera will not reconnect using the app and I have to go outside, get on a ladder to push the top button. It takes multiple tries to reconnect and when I do get it connected, it goes off line again several hours later. Now even when connected it shows an event but not showing live view at all. After reading all the other posts I am thinking it’s an issue with some update ring made and now some sort of a fix needs to happen. I have a ring doorbell and it never goes off line. Help

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I have multiple cameras, no hardware or system changes/adjustments and occasionally (last occurrence just under an hour ago 18:40 BST) some devices randomly showing on the dashboard as offline, but still record. Other devices are fine such as the Ring Pro doorbell. It also has nothing to do with Wi-Fi as although 2x spotlight cam show offline, a Stick-up Cam Elite using a PoE connection also showed as offline. After a period of time, without any intervention, they all resolve themselves. In this case after 5-10 minutes, but typically can be a couple of hours.