Ring Doorbell showing on network but not app

I’ve been having an issue setting up my Ring Doorbell (first generation). Every time I attempt the setup, it immediately says I have no internet connection. I’ve tried every trick and suggestion YouTube and Google have to offer. Oddly enough, I checked the devices connected to my wifi, and the Ring Doorbell is connected, but the app doesn’t show me with any devices on my account.

What gives?

Hey @CWilcher82. When you go into your Ring app > Main Menu > Devices, do you not see your Doorbell there? You may have created a duplicate location, and therefore the other device is on that location. You can check this by going into the Ring app > Main Menu > and then above Dashboard, you’ll see a location name that you can tap on. If you see more than one location name there, you can select any duplicates or other locations to toggle to said location. From the other location in the app, go to Devices and let me know if you see the Doorbell there!