Ring doorbell showing black screen in App on Live view

Recently, my Ring Doorbell has started to show just a black screen in the Ring app when I click on Live View?

It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m at home on Wi-Fi or logging in on 4G away from home?

When I stop the Live View I can go to History in the App and can see the footage perfectly well and seems to only affect the Live View?

Any ideas anyone.

I’ve rebooted the Ring Doorbell, and everything else is working apart from this.

Quick update on this. I’ve found that the black screen is when my phone is in the portrait position, and if i rotate my phone to landscape it actually then works? If I then return the phone back to the portrait position it continues to work. So it only seems to be an issue with the initial portrait screen??

Hi @L4N6Y. What type of phone do you have, what OS is installed on your phone, and what version of the Ring app is installed? We have this Help Center article here to help with Black Video.

Did you ever figure this out? I’ve been having this same issue, and it actually started happening about a month ago. I hadn’t been able to get it fixed yet and none of their suggestions fix the issue.

Exact same problem. Only a black screen when trying to view the live feed, but if I go to view the recording from that live feed I can see it just fine.

Edit - I just saw your update remark. I didn’t see that originally for some reason, but that also fixes it for me. No idea why the black screen started happening. I guess it is a bug with the app itself.

Hey neighbors, thank you for your feedback about this. A few workarounds you can try within a Live View are to press the zoom in button then press the zoom out button (not pinch to zoom), or to switch from portrait to landscape mode. At your convenience, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. Our support team can gather the necessary details about your device in order to investigate the issue further. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I’m going to mark this reply as a temporary solution, so neighbors who are experiencing this concern know to reach out to our support team. Given that the Ring Community is a public forum, we aren’t able to gather the necessary details needed for our teams to dive in and determine the cause of this. Thank you for your patience.

I have the same issue and am wondering if there is a fix instead of the the workaround. Samsung S21 Ultra with the latest updates on AT&T. Also, I can just tap the live view screen in portrait and it dismisses the black screen. As the other users found, rotating to landscape clears the black screen as well.

When going to live view on android I get a black screen. However if I tilt phone for wide view the live feed appears. My friends is doing exact same thing. Different phones . Anyone else’s doing same?

mine’s doing the same since yesterday!

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Same thing on my ring for the last month or so. Live video is black when the phone is upright (portrait mode) but visible when the phone is rotated to horizonal or when you tap the black live screen. Definitely something in an app update since this was working before. All video recordings are fine.
Phone: Samsung S8+. Firmware is up to date, signal strength is RSSI-61. Tested WiFi speeds and upload and download are >1Mbps. Device has been rebooted but the same problem exists.
Also, this problem is exactly the same on my wife’s phone which is the exact same phone as mine.

I get this on the PC dashboard as well. Click to get live feed, see blank screen. Recordings are all fine.

Hi neighbors. We appreciate the information that was given. I would like to provide an update to say that this issue has been resolved and Live View should be working normally in the Ring app. If you are still experiencing your Live View showing up as a black screen, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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