Ring doorbell showing black recording

Ridiculous and frustrating. Same issue with black recordings. Really?! This isn’t helpful at all! I’m a single female and need security I can depend on. I got the Ring Doorbell Pro for Christmas (my only gift to myself which I saved for and am thoroughly disappointed). Installed this past weekend. Videos were maybe 80% reliable for 2 days. Now, all daytime recordings are completely black and I can’t even get a live image (still shows a still of the night before through the entire day). Somewhere around 6-7pm it actually starts to work and works through the night with picking up video of every tree limb that moves or light flicker that occurs. But starting around 7am, solid black every single time all day long. My wifi and router are fine. This is an issue with Ring, clearly. Expensive pile of garbage if you ask me. There’s no logical reason it would work half of the time…my connectivity is always the same, thus, Ring needs to step it up and correct this issue. Otherwise, I’m not opposed to a class action lawsuit. Anyone else?

I don’t understand this situation. I have two Ring Doorbells. One of them works w/o any trouble. The other records black video. The route signal is strong and I have other wireless devices including the Chime that are very close to the device (4 feet) that work fine. I look back and there are several weeks of black video. What is wrong?

Hi there, @betemad. When you attempt a live view with the Doorbell in question, does this live view connect and show image as intended? With there being another Ring device working as intended on your wifi network, this is a great sign that it is likely not any advanced network settings, such as ports and protocols. Please ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device when you are attempting to operate the Ring app. I recommend also checking your recordings via another mobile device, or web browser by logging in at Ring.com, to rule out your mobile device as a factor. Please also confirm this Doorbell is subscribed to a Protect Plan, in order for recordings to be saved.

For any other neighbors also having this concern, please also check our Community post about RSSI, to ensure your signal strength is optimal. Feel free to let us know how it goes, as well as provide other details such as router type, mobile device type, or internet service provider, if the above steps did not work. Thanks neighbors! :slight_smile:

I have done everything you have suggested and on the website and nothing is working. It films when detecting a person and live view but not on motion. This is a ring software fault not our Internet this started to happen after you have done a software upgrade. Please sort it.

Happy to confirm that by turning off the motion detection special features I have fixed my black screen issue. It’s possible that one of these is the culprit but frankly after so much messing around I have it fixed and plan to leave it like this.

Good. Luck all

Turn off both…
People Only Mode
Then in advanced
Customisable Motion Detection


We unplugged our router for 10-15 seconds, plugged it back in, waited for the WI-FI to come back online, and then I went outside and hit the button on the Ring doorbell that tells you (on your phone) “Someone is at your door” It started to record me like normal again. No need to contact Ring Support or buy a new device. It just needed a jump start.


Same here. All worked well for over two years. Suddenly - 80% of the videos are black. I can connect to Live View from iphone, but from the Mac app it says “cannot connect to the device” every time - since a couple days ago… I have other Ring cameras they work well so it’s not my router and not my network. Doorbell is wired so no battery issues. My guess - Ring screwed up some firmware update or server update. Come’n it’s been popping up for two years!

Exactly the same for me

Have you solved it? Exactly same issues for me, but started 5 months later…