Ring Doorbell Security Screw does not unscrew

The Torx T6 screw on my ring video 2 doorbell does not unscrew anymore. When I use the original screwdriver, it does not ‘stick’ to the screw, so I am unable to turn the screw. Initially I thought there was something wrong the screwdriver, but have not luck using other brand screwdrivers. On the forum I noted other people with the same problem, but no real solutions were noted. One person suggested ‘rubberband’ method, but did not work for me either. I am getting really frustrated as my ring is already offline for weeks now, as I cant replace the battery. Hope someone has good advice how to re-open my ring! Much appreciated

Would be nice for somebody from Ring to chime in, instead of everyone trying home remedies…

Our screw stripped out! Our doorbell hasn’t worked for months. My husband got so frustrated after I was just out there trying to make slots in the head so the screwdriver can catch, that he pushed up and just ripped it off the base. We own 2 doorbells. One is on a backdoor and hasn’t worked since 11 months after I bought it. This one was to replace it. But decided to put the other one on the back door for good show just in case someone tries to enter there. I’m charging the newer one now. Even the newer one hasn’t worked well with the app. People will ring it while I’m out and the app won’t tell me. I spent an hour on the phone with customer service last year only to be told to delete the app and reinstall it. That didn’t work… I’m thinking we need to trash both of them and go buy another brand. Customer service has been zero help with the 1st one that broke. It won’t charge. The blue ring just keeps spinning. If you get another brand and like it, please respond here so I know what I should buy. I really don’t have $400 laying around to replace both of them in this economy.

Totally agree it would be nice to hear from Ring! I just spent 20 mins going through the website and obviously, they don’t want to be bothered with us. We have 2 doorbells. 1 quit working after 11 months, the other one never has worked correctly. Now the screw has been stripped for over 6 months and I can’t recharge. My husband just ripped it off the house! I have to charge it now to see if it’ll still work. The plate is still on our stucco. I’m not thrilled with this company at all! I’m certainly not going to buy the Ring cameras we’re planning on setting up around the outside of our house and alleyway.