Ring Doorbell rings multiple times

When the door bell is rung, it rings on the chime and on my phone (3-4 chimes).

Then, after a gap of a few seconds, it chimes again and I get another notification on my phone.

So for every ring, I get 4 notifications (and 4 rounds of chimes).

Would you know what could be the problem? I could not find anything in the settings to make it chime & notify 4 times


Hi @rshanbhag, do you get two different notifications for these events? Sometimes if motion is detected at your Doorbell first, but it has not been rung, you will get a notification for a Motion Event and then another for when they ring the Doorbell. If you could, please reproduce this and grab a screenshot of the notifications and timestamps so we can look at this for you! Additionally, you can try removing the Ring app from your phone, restarting your phone, and then reinstalling the app to see if it helps!

Hi Chelsea,

Motion detection is not active.

I re-installed Ring app, the issue persists.

Attached notifications after I just rang the bell. The missed call does not even register on the event history tab.

This is an Andriod Phone. Samsung Galaxy S7

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@rshanbhag So the event is not even showing up in your event history tab, but you’re getting notifications of it being rung? That is definitely odd, and not as intended. If you could, can you please reach out to our support team here? They can take a deeper look into your account with troubleshooting to see why the event is being sent to your phone so much, and also when the event is being stored then in your event history. Please reach out to them here, and let us know what they did to get this resolved for you!

I have this exact problem too. Did you get a solution?


I have the same problem. Is there a solution?


I have the same issue. It’s driving us crazy. I’m ready to uninstall it and get a different one from another company!!


I’m having the same issue. We have the Ring app on my phone, my husbands phone and we have a chime plugged into the wall. Several weeks ago, we noticed four or more alerts for every motion alert that triggers and it goes off on his phone, my phone and the chime…ITS DRIVING US NUTS!!!

I find it odd that several of us are all having the same issue. Please help!!!

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Has anyone heard an answer on this one? I’m now getting up to 4 notifications for every event (motion or doorbell push).

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I have the same issue. Any solutions yet?

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We are having the same issue.

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Ditto here, happens with Ring doorbell, but not with Ring stickup cam…

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Same here. Doorbell only. It was happening with the original doorbell, and now with one of my two new Ring 2 devices.

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Same issued. Multiple notifications on my phone for1 actual motion.

(Ie If I leave my house I’ll get 3-4 push notifications)

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Mine does this too.

After a normal ring, visitors enter the house and after about 3 mins the doorbell rings again and there is no one there!

I have a ring 2 wired power supply, with 2 ringers

Any help appreciated.

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Same boat with everyone else. Getting 4 messages in a row to tell me someone just approached my door. EVERY TIME! Nothing to change in settings, not a duplicated device, removed, reinstalled, no help…
Obviously Ring is not fully knowledgeable about their products. I’m about done with my Ring devices. They are problematic, poor wifi connectivity, extreme latency, I pretty much can’t expect to take a door bell ring. By the time I get the signal they’ve waited and left. And before it’s “My wifi” settings… NO. It’s not. The equipment is just simply bad and so is the software interface/app functionality. All my other wireless devices across the entire home and 5 family members are doing just fine.
Now to figure out what to replace these Pieces of junk with. Thanks for stealing my money Ring. Good Bye.