Ring Doorbell Records Black Video

Hi Support Community. I have 3 new spotlight cams and two indoor cams. I previously had a ring doorbell I purchased around 2.5 - 2 years ago. All the devices were working great together. All of the sudden in the past 2 weeks ONLY the doorbell records black videos often. It will show live video, but when motion is detected the doorbell is always black video. I didn’t change any settings or do anything to my network. Also, my doorbell is very close (20 ft away from my router). Like I said, all the other ring devices work fine and I haven’t changed anything. Only the doorbell decided to start doing this. The doorbell is hard wired. Is this a known issue on the Ring doorbell side?

Try looking under Devices and then look at your Mode settings they should be identical to your other cameras.

Yes, very similar set up with multiple RING products and strong WiFi signals.

Getting assistance with this problem has been very difficult to get.

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Is the doorbell hard wired to 24 Vdc or is it wired PoE? If hard wired to 24 Vdc, check the transformer voltage that it is putting out 24 Vdc and then check your connections at the mechanical chime. If all is good, then contact customer service. Knowing that Live View works implies that everything with he camera is good. Does the Black recordings preserve the audio?

It’s hard wired. I don’t hear any audio either.

Do you have a volt-meter to check the 24 Vdc coming from the transformer?

Can you see in your settings when the last time the Doorbell was updated?