Ring Doorbell pro


I have been having trouble with the live audio on my ring doorbell pro. When anyone presses the doorbell and I answer it on my MI MIX2 android mobile phone the person can hear me but I can not hear them. This has been happening for a while. Tried disconnecting the timeline from the ring app as somebody suggested but no good still no sound.

But as I have been messing with the app and phone noticed when I disconnected my Samsung Galaxy Wear watch from my phone that the audio from the Ring doorbell to the phone started to work on the Ring app. Anyone else having this problem and found a fix so we are able to use the watch app and the ring app at the same time.

Hey @Micksflick. I’m glad you were able to find out the temporary solution in the meantime! This particular concern is something that we are investigating at this time - why neighbors with a bluetooth watch connected to their Android know are having limited access when loading the Live View. Rest assured that we are looking into this and hope to implement a fix within the following months. I recommend to continue to disable your bluetooth whenever you need to access the Live View, or use the Rapid Ring app in the meanwhile. The Rapid Ring app will help you load the Live View and talk through it within restrictions to disabling your bluetooth.