Ring Doorbell Pro won't alert my wife's iPhone

We both have iPhone and motion alerts and ring alerts work fine on mine. I have checked all of the settings in both the Ring app and also in Settings on the iPhone for the Ring application. They are all set correctly. I tried soft resetting her phone twice now. Still she does not get alerted for motion. Please help. Thanks.

Notifications are always an important feature of Ring, we will be happy to assist with this. The first best step will be to uninstall the Ring app and reinstall it on the phone. When testing notifications, I recommend closing all other apps in the background, ensure bluetooth or VPN is not enabled, disable any smart watch being used, and test notifications on both wifi only, and again on data only.

If notifications still do not alert her phone, please remove and add as a shared user again, and ensure her in app alert toggles are enabled. Disregard the last step if she is logging in using the same credentials as you (owner). Let us know if this works for you!

I tried this and it still doesn’t work for either iPhone we have. It was working fine until I updated the app.