Ring Doorbell Pro Won’t Go Back Online

After 18 months with no problems, my Doorbell Pro went offline, and cannot be reconnected. I have twice spent more than an hour on the phone with Ring customer service, been through every protocol including the one that Justin espouses in this help center. I see others have this same problem with no solution except purchasing a new product. The problem we all have is that our Ring MAC addresses don’t show as available WiFi networks. What does show for me is the same Ring WiFi network c51328 that other people with my same problem also have showing. That network is persistent - always showing in my available WiFi network choices. What is it? A neighbor’s network?? Is this Ring c51328 network the reason so many of us with Doorbell Pros are unable to get back online and have to purchase new ones? Any help is appreciated.

Hi @MaggieCat. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been able to reach a resolution working with our support team. Unfortunately we are limited on our scope of troubleshooting here on the Ring Community, as it is a public forum and we do not have access to any device information. Another way to get in touch with our support team is by sending a private message on Facebook @Ring with a few details on your concern. Our social support team can help investigate this in more detail.