Ring Doorbell Pro Wiring, Transformer, and Ring App settings all correct and your Mechanical Chime in your house isn’t working? Try this

I spent many frustrated hours troubleshooting to get my ring doorbell pro to sound my mechanical chime. I checked firmware, ring app settings, the transformer, you name it I tried it. On a whim I checked my Alexa app. Previously if you pressed the doorbell my echo dots and echo show announced someone was at the door but no mechanical chime. I went into the Alexa app and turned off notifications. Pressed the doorbell and the mechanical chime worked. I went back in the Alexa app and turned on notifications and the mechanical chime stopped. For me that was the answer. Not sure why I can only have one or the other but that seems to be the way the current software works. Bottom line, if your are troubleshooting your mechanical chime please check your Alexa app.


THANK YOU !!! This is EXACTLY what I experienced after replacing the transformer and the indoor mechanical chime prior to installing the Ring Pro video doorbell that the kids gave me for Christmas.

I’m very surprised that Ring doesn’t alert the consumer about this in the installation and set up instructions although it should have the capability to alert via Alexa as well.

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BINGO! After 4 one-hour+ calls with “tech support”, them sending a new pro pack unit, telling me my transformer was not compatible and finally sending me a new Ring Pro your solution got my mechanical chime working again. Now I will wait for Ring to come up with a solution that allows us to have Alexa notifications on and a mechanical chime working at the same time (they told me they’re working on it now)
With Ring being owned by Amazon for nearly three years now this should not be an issue. If someone has a solution please share it, I have little hope for a remedy from Ring based on how things are going so far.

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Thank you. I have been dealing with this problem for 2 months. I have replaced the transformer the inside chime and a new ring pro. Had an electrician here 3 times to fix. Read your messages turned off notifications in Alexa ring door bell and chime work. This information needs to be addressed with ring.

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Thank you!!! This seems to be what was happening to me as well. My mechanical chime appeared to be intermittent…sometimes working sometimes not. However I had never configured the Alexa app, and the device was there and although motion notifications was disabled, doorbell notifications was enabled. I turned it off, and the chime has consistently worked during my testing (much to the chagrin of the dogs…) I will keep an eye on the Alexa app and see how things go.

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Would be very good to see a reply from RING on this topic given how many hours and dollars many consumers have spent trying to debug what appears to be a technical issue that is solved with a simple change of settings. Consumer reports could be made aware of it as well since they review these products.

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Hey neighbors! I just wanted to add this Community post to the conversation here. This is a great resource for the Ring Pro and it was written by Marley_Ring! I hope this helps!

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Has RING posted any response to the issue of internal doorbell not working when ring is set to connect with Alexa to announce an alert? this is a big issue as it’s a selling feature but if enabled the internal doorbell does not work. I’m sure future buyers would want to know if this is being addressed before making a ring purchase. Thx

This is supposed to be a reputable company and they can’t even address this issue? Not buying their products!

Does anyone know of this issue has been fixed? I’d like to be able to use the Alex alert with this.

Tom, there doesn’t appear to be any update to this issue with the indoor chime not working when notifications to Amazon Alexa are set to on,
Can you pls help?
Thanks, Glenn

Hi @grogers. Using Doorbell Announcements shouldn’t prohibit your internal chime kit from sounding. First, make sure you have the correct chime kit selection in the Ring app. This can be found under the Device Settings Menu > General settings. Verify that you have a compatible chime kit and that it sounds properly when the button is pushed.

Next, you can check out this Help Center article here to activate Doorbell Announcements using an Alexa device.

Additionally, you can customize this by creating an Alexa Routine. This Help Center article here will show you how to do that. Let me know if this is helpful.

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Why isn’t it possible to have a mechanical doorbel while using a wired Ring Video Doorbell?

Im also looking for a suitable transformer. Many people say different things. Some say you need at least 10V others day try it on your existing 8V trafo.

Would this be sufficient. Its in Dutch.

It says it is a stabilized transformer whatever that is. And in standby it only takes 0.3W. And it is 85-264VAC. Is that last bit not too much?

Hi @Brazy. As listed on the product page for the Video Doorbell Wired, it does not sound your existing doorbell chime as it is not designed to do so. To hear audio alerts in your home, you can pair the Doorbell Wired with a Ring Chime or a compatible Alexa device. As for power supply, the Doorbell Wired requires an existing doorbell system, the Ring Plug-In Adapter or a transformer (10-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz, or 24VDC, 0.5A, 12W). You’ll want to follow those guidelines when choosing a transformer, which can also be referenced on the product page for the Doorbell Wired.

Why is Ring’s doorbell transformer DC output.

While we are warned never to use a 3rd party DC doorbell transformer?
Even Ring’s Plugin adapter has 24V DC output.

Can I use this transformer which is DC out but has close specs to Ring’s own DC output transformer?

Mean well HDR-15-24 https://docs.vekto.nl/media/mean-well/HDR-15-spec.pdf

15.2W, 0.63A, 24V DC. stabilized.

Hi @Brazy. The only DC power source that has been tested with the Ring Doorbell is the Ring Plug-In Adapter. Any 3rd party DC adapter has not been test and therefore cannot be recommended.