Ring Doorbell Pro Video Quality

All Ring doorbells we had since 5 years work great also this but not since now anymore :frowning:

i have the problem since some days the Video qualtity is very poor have squares pixe├Âlsetc it worked last years always but since not anymore change wifi and also testet internet speed it down 55 and up 25mbit but not help turned the ring doorbell pro off for some minutes restartest routers etc still same at windows android etc at live video and also at svaed motion video everywhere ppor qualitiy :frowning:

Next day again good quality like the years before but now since 1 Month this bad Quality cant read License Plates or Can see my Cat what he do :frowning: etc.

It is not because the Wlan or Internet Speed still same as before so Ring Server Quality is changed now ?

See attached photos
The goog one is like it looked now for 2 years never had this problem and now looks very poor bad and not good