Ring doorbell pro scratched glass

The door bell got a lot of scratches. I believe weather related cause i have no kids living around. And when i called. They siad it was out of warranty. Of course thw warranty is only a year because the products are such bad quality that they cant warranty them for more. They offered me a discount code, so that I buy a new product, why would I get another faulty poorly made device ??? COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT OF PRODUCT MATERIALS. Doorbells should be made w weather resistant materials.

Hi @user55356. As with any outdoor fixture, wear and tear from the weather can occur. If you are a Ring Protect Plan subscriber, you may be eligible for an extended warranty. You can learn more about this at ring.com/protectplans.

I agree with you on how their warranty sucks and yea why would the discount code even matter. Why would I wanna buy another one of rings products if the outdoor camera doesn’t even last 3 years I will be selling all of my ring devices and go with another company that provides a real warranty that stands behind there product… it’s funny to when a customer service rep tells me they are aware of the issue

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