Ring Doorbell Pro pressed and shutdown

Good morning

I have been experiencing for a while this issue. If somebody is ringing my Ring Doorbell Pro it will shut down and it will be disconnected until I turnoff/turnon the breaker and it will reboot.

I verified the wiring connection and it seems fine. the doorbell is also connected to a mechanical doorbell inside the house.

Now last night, I set the internal doorbell settings from mechanical to none and it seems to no longer happening.

Do you think the issue is coming from the mechanical doorbell itself causing the ring to shutdown everytime is pressing the button or is it an issue with the transformer ?

The voltage right now for the device is 3914 mv.

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Since I set the Doorbell Chime Type to None, the ring video doorbell is working as expected and no more shutdown.

Could it be the ring power pro kit causing this issue ? Did anybody got this issue before ?

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Glad to hear this is resolved @Galette ! The first thing I recommend checking is that the Pro Power Kit is installed in your mechanical chime per these instructions .

The symptom of Doorbell Pro button press seemingly powering down the Doorbell Pro, can be an indicator of not enough voltage to power both the chime kit and the Video Doorbell Pro. This might be due to a transformer not being powerful enough, the wires being too thin or not connected firmly on the back leads of the Doorbell Pro, or even an incorrect chime type selected as you found. I Hope your Doorbell Pro continues to operate as expected, feel free to share any more observations you have that might help other neighbors :slight_smile:

Thank you, this solved my problem.

Something this easy shouldn’t be causing this much trouble but apparently it does and no one was able to help me with this. Thank you so much!

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I had the same issue but my doorbell is mechanical. Now that I set the doorbell chime type to none, the doorbell does not ring. It used to work.

I have the same problem, except I have a ring chime plugged in. Ring the doorbell, the chimes goes off then the doorbell shutsdown. Hit the breaker on/off and it comes on again until someone rings the doorbell again. Thought it was the transfomer even though it was reading 20 volts on a voltmeter. I bought the ring transformer and still the same thing. It only works is if you don’t use a chime ( of course I won’t know when someone rings the doorbell). Yes I do get alerts on my phone, but I don’t carry my phone around with me everywhere when I’m home.

Hi @ddb2966. Just to add to the conversation, check here to see if your Chime Kit is compatible with your Ring Pro. If it is compatible, make sure you have the correct selection for your Ring Pro Device Settings under General Settings in the Ring app. The next thing you can try is a reboot of the Ring Pro. To do this, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Allow the Pro 1 minute to reboot, then test it.

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