Ring doorbell Pro power kit v2 install help

Hello I’m trying to install a ring doorbell pro at my father in laws house. His mechanical chime is 50-60 years old and has 5 unmarked terminals. Nothing is labeled and I have no idea how to locate the front and term wires. Can anyone tell from the photos? Thanks in advance.

We ended up not using the pro power kit and the ring doorbell powered up fine, however the door bell triggers the mechanical chime by itself every 30 seconds or so. Any ideas what would be causing this? Thank you

Hi there, @WyattEarp! At first glance, it looks like this chime kit may not be compatible. I recommend confirming this information via our Chime Compatibility list for your Video Doorbell model. For a proper installation, the Pro Power Kit should be installed.

Feel free to also check out my Hardwiring Checklist for tips that helped me with wiring in my Doorbell Pro. :slight_smile: