Ring Doorbell Pro Person Only Mode Issues

I’ve seen a lot of postings about the issue but I can’t seem to find a fix or a reason why.

I have the doorbell set to person only mode and it’s not picking up people. It picks up motion and records it but doesn’t notify me. That’s fine because it’s picking up cars and I’m not interested in cars. I’m interested in people on my property and dropping packages and if they are stealing them. Defeats the purpose of having doorbell if it doesn’t work.

Hi there, @victimofposmen! As each home is different, the use of features and settings can vary by location. As mentioned in our people only mode help center article, there are times where a reflective surface or reflection might cause motion to be detected. Feel free to also try out your other motion settings and variations of motion configurations without people only mode enabled to see what works best for your home. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My people only mode still picks up cats… half the features on ring doorbells are useless.

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