Ring Doorbell Pro Offline Constantly since November


Ring DB Pro going offline constantly. I find where the ring was plugged into the mechanical doorbell; disconnect the wires and reconnect. Device resets and goes back online for a few days, then dies - repeat process of dsicussonct, reconnect. Was there a firmware update recently that could cause issues like this? Internal battery draining?

Hi @tonydcdi, it sounds like you may be having some power concerns with your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Please check out our RIng Help Center Article here to learn more about how to resolve this!

Thanks - however the bell has been working fine since installation almost a year ago. this is just recent issues. Not sure what would have changed…

@tonydcdi Very good point! Sometimes if you live in an area that has cold or harsh weather, it could be affecting your transformer and thus giving you power lapses. Additionally, wiring can tend to wear and tear over time as well. If reading up on the article doesn’t assist, or the troubleshooting you’ve done from your end is to no avail, it’s definitely worth a shot to reach out to our support team here. They can take a deeper look into your account for you and do all in-depth troubleshooting with you, as needed! :smiley_cat: