Ring doorbell pro not connecting to wifi or chime and has power

ok so i have had a ring doorbell pro since 2018 and then in july the whole unit went dead. I got a replacement pro and it worked for a week then would not connect to wifi. No wifi displaed in list when attempting to manually enter it. Ring Cust service they tried and nothing. Sent out a new unit and it also worked great for a week and then wouldnt record or show video. The sytem says good transformer and good RSSI. The power works becasue the mechanical chime works when doorbell is pressed. Then Ring sent out another cam- worked another week and same issues. I do not understand how had same wifi and same camera since 2018. Please help

Hi @bobkane73. I’d highly recommend checking the wiring to ensure there aren’t any issues with the wiring that are impacting the Doorbell Pro after it has been installed. Power issues would impact the Doorbell’s ability to work properly. We have a hardwiring checklist for the Doorbell Pro here that has a lot of helpful information.

Additionally, I would suggest reviewing your wifi network to see if there have been any changes or updates to your network that might be affecting the Doorbell Pro. If you need help checking the settings on your router, your internet service provider should be able to help with this. Should the same connection issues persist after checking the wiring and the network, please follow up with our support team for further assistance.