Ring Doorbell Pro No longer working

So I got a Ring Doorbell Pro wired up and it was working well enough. However it wasn’t ringing my mechanical bell which I didnt like. So I purchased a new transformer from Ring.com and the v2 Power kit and re did all of that. Still working ~okay~ and didn’t fix mechanical bell issue. Now a month later someone rings my doorbell I get a clip and then It just died after that. Hasn’t been working since, it’s like it isnt getting enough power now? I tried to reset it but the device doesn’t turn on at all unless I disconnect wires and reconnect. Then It will turn on for maybe 5-10 seconds and die again. I’ve tried doing the V2 power bypass and same issue. Tried directly wiring it just to check device functionality and no longer turns on at all. Is there anything else I should do?

Good question @DBAKER3! If you are bypassing the chime kit, please make sure the chime type selection in Ring app is set to “none”. This will ensure for the proper flow of power during ring events. If this does not resolve this concern, i recommend reaching out to our support team for more in depth troubleshooting. Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: