Ring doorbell pro & mechanical doorbell issue - "ding" instead of "ding-dong"


I recently installed my Ring Doorbell Pro and hardwired it to my mechanical doorbell. After installation, when I press the doorbell, it only rings one of the two bells (i.e., just “ding” instead of “ding-dong”).

There’s one unique thing about my internal doorbell. It has three wires connecting to terminals that are labeled “1”, “2”, and “com”. I installed the Pro Power Kit V2 by connecting one wire to the “1” terminal and another to the “com” terminal.

I have a feeling it has something to do with how the Pro Power Kit V2 was installed, because this same thing (i.e., “ding” not “ding-dong”) happens now when I press the other original doorbell on my house (i.e., not the newly installed Ring Doorbell Pro).

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @ShawnOB. There may need to be some settings that you adjust in the Ring app. In the Ring app, select your Ring Pro > Device Settings > General settings > Select Mechanical Doorbell for your Chime Kit Selection. Let me know if this helps!

Hi Tom,

I confirmed that my Ring Doorbell Pro is already set to “Mechanical Doorbell” in the setting page you referred to.

Any other suggestions?

Hey @ShawnOB. Have you tried connecting the Pro Power Kit to the 1, 2 terminal? Essentially, you are looking to have one wire go to your Doorbell and the other go to your transformer. If this doesn’t correct the issue, try uploading a picture of this installation so myself or someone else can take a closer look.