Ring Doorbell Pro makes my internal digital doorbell keep chiming soon as night falls. Constantly.

Just installed. At dusk, internal chime constantly chimes. My Xmas lights came on and it stopped chiming. I shut the Xmas lights off and the chime started once again. I’ve hit just about every setting to no avail. Is ANYONE having this same issue. I have to disconnect my internal chime for now.

My guess is your Chritmas lights are LED, correct? Some LED Christmas lihgts are known to leak a Third Harmonic Frequency known to interfere with or completely wipe out WiFi.

One example is a small Christmas tree sold by QVC a few years ago. Plug in the tree and WiFi is gone. Unplug it and it’s back on.

Another example is using an LED bulb in a garage door opener can casue the wireless remote to stop working. You can thank Obama for eliminating light bulbs (lamps) being manufactured in the USA.

Try a different type of Christmas lights.

Hello and thanks for your response. Not sure if I explained my problem correctly. But my Ring Pro worked perfectly during the day. Once it got darker outside, my internal doorbell would t stop ringing or chiming. My Xmas lights were not even on yet until later in the evening. But once my Xmas lights came on, the chiming stopped. The ring doorbell would lose WiFi every so often though. I’ve made a call to the support people. Problem is that I assumed that I had the correct transformer. I don’t. I need to switch it out. That was my mistake and hopefully it’ll solve my issue. Thanks again !!!