Ring doorbell pro live view never works

A few months ago I installed a Ring Doorbell Pro. At this moment I can’t recall when was the last time that the Live View feature worked. Every time I try it, it keeps loading and loading, and ends up showing the dreaded message “We’re having trouble connecting to your Doorbell Pro”. The same goes for the motion detection feature. This all means that my Ring Doorbell ends up being a pricey yet normal doorbell. If someone rings, I can hear the chime sound, but I can’t see who it is.

For a long time I assumed this had to do with a poor internet connection, but recently I bought really good WiFi gear and I see no change. I have an Ubiquiti Unifi AP Pro and the RSSI is below 50, so from a connection perspective everything should just work. Regarding the connection of my mobile phone, it is a good and trustworthy 4G connection that works perfectly when receiving Live View and motion data from a second Ring doorbell in the house.

I went to the management portal of my unifi router and saw that the Ring connects to the internet once a minute, but only for ten seconds (see attached picture). Could this have something to do with the issues I am experiencing, or is this normal? Is there something else I could do to troubleshoot these problems?

Hi @aochagavia! The picture example displays a low up/ down speed. If this reading is indicating how much speed is being delivered to your Ring device from the network, rather than the Ring device’s usage, there might still be some interference in resources despite having an acceptable RSSI. I recommend trying a 2.4 Ghz network versus a 5 Ghz network, as well as checking how many other devices might be connecting through the same access point. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: