Ring Doorbell Pro keeps setting off mechanical doorbell

My roommate has a Ring Pro and a Chime that I took over installing. The chime set up with no complications and has decent signal, and when I went to install the Doorbell it sets off our apartment’s doorbell on a continuous loop. I’m assuming our bell is mechanical because it sounds like a prison bell. I went through all of the setup thinking it would eventually stop, but it did not. We didn’t have any diodes or anything to put on the internal bell and it seems to have enough power to supply the Ring. Setup was fine, and the doorbell worked with the chime.

However, the prison door ringing never stopped so I had to disconnect the Ring. Is there a setting I can change or a product I need in order to get the bell to stop?

Hi @LParent. What model Doorbell is this? I would also make sure that in the Ring app, you have the correct Chime Kit selected. You can find this by selecting the Doorbell and tapping on the Device Settings tile, then the General Settings menu. I hope this helps.