Ring Doorbell Pro installation

“I purchased a new construction home with 2 Nicor 1888 digital chimes that are not compatible with doorbell pro. I don’t want to make any holes or modifications to finished drywall to replace with a different transformer. If I purchase chime pro, am I able to use as only chimes in house and leave old nicor without disrupting it?”

Hi @Hunter1! The Nicor 1888 chime kits usually feature a built in power supply, in which the chime and the method of reaching it’s power supply have been deemed incompatible with the Doorbell Pro.

In short, yes you can use the Ring Chime Pro as your in home chime alert. Keep in mind, the Ring Doorbell Pro will still need adequate power to operate. The existing power might work for your setup, but if it does not, then a new transformer will likely be needed to power the Doorbell Pro. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: