Ring Doorbell Pro Image issues

Every so often, Ring Doorbell Pro “detects” motion & sends several motion alerts in a very short period of time (usually 1 ever 30sec-1min lasting about 7-10min) & then will either have a completely blacked out live view (or recorded motion) or the image will be grainy and cut up with lines to where it is incomprehensible.

Have tried both a soft & hard reset, still happens.

First time it happened, was back to normal in a couple days. Last 2 times it happened, we were without the ability to view for over a week.

Anyone able to help with this? Or does it sound like defective hardware


Hello @jwpatjens , thank you for joining the Community to connect with your fellow neighbors. Regarding the specific concerns you have posted here there are many variables that could be affecting your Doorbells image. Our support team would be happy to take a further look at these variables, they are available 24/7 by phone at 1-(800)-656-1918.