Ring Doorbell Pro ignores motion zones

My Ring Doorbell Pro just stopped paying attention to motion zones several days ago. Now I am constantly bombarded with nuisance alerts whenever someone walks by on the sidewalk or drives by on the road in front of my house. Everything worked perfectly before, when these areas were not part of the monitoring zones. Now, I get so many alerts that I’m about ready to turn off alerts altogether.

I’ve adjusted sensitivity, even though it was perfect before. It makes not difference. I’ve tried to use People Only Mode and that doesn’t work at all. I can dance in front of the camera on my porch and never get an alert with that.

Does anyone know what happened to cause my Ring to ignore my motion zones?

Hi there, @bfollowell! Great call on trying out people only mode. Please also double check your motion schedule settings and Modes settings in the Ring app to ensure these alerts are not scheduled to be prevented. Try also checking your event history to confirm the motion events that are not notifying are also not recording there. If you have not already, try deleting and redrawing your motion zones. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: