Ring Doorbell Pro - Glass deteriorating

I have my Ring Video doorbell Pro for about 4-5 years and the quality of the image became very very bad.

The reason is the glass in front of the camera is degrading more and more over the months, with a ton of microscopic random scratches that cover the camera almost uniformly.

Given the look of the scratches, and the constant deteriorating, this is not human interaction. It just seems the doorbell aged not well at all with Luxembourgish weather (which is quite common and not very harsh I would say). 4-5 years of lifetime for the price of a doorbell Pro is not good quality.

For information, the scratches are like on the inside of the glass, as we cannot feel them with the finger.

Is there a way to replace the front glass?

Hey @emlux. There is not way to replace just the glass at this time and with this product, as the whole device will need to be replaced. I recommend contacting our support team directly, to see if you still fit within the warranty for the device or can work out the best next option for you so that you can have a Doorbell with a clear image. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. Let me know how this goes!