Ring Doorbell Pro : European version : Spec for Wired Connection?

Ive installed a couple of these in the UK without too much hassle. I used the transformer which comes in the box and also the Doorbell Bypass Kit as instructed. But I’m now looking to do an install where the bell push also activates an existing 8Volt mechanical bell within the building. Now I’m very aware that you can’t just connect it in and that it will need some form of sensor to sense when the bell has been pushed and a relay, second power supply etc, perhaps even electronics, which I’m sure I can sort out if I only knew how the wired connection to the Doorbell Pro is utilised. So my question is…

Please may we have a proper technical description / specification of what power supply the Pro Doorbell actaully needs (range of Volts AC) and what the maximum current it draws with that voltage applied? Further what happens when the bell button is pushed. Does it short out the two connections? (only if the ‘chime’ setting is set?) . If it does what current can it take ? Ideally we could also be told what the circuit inside the Bypass Kit does, and its specifcation if possible so that anyone looking into this in a bit more detail can power it most appropriately without damage, when we have to deviate from a standard set up.

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I made an instructable for this which may help.


The main purpose of this arrangement is so that you can carry on using the correct power for both the Video doorbell, and the chime. It basically uses a realy to do the switching for you.

Relatively straightforward. Hope this helps!

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