Ring Doorbell Pro Emits a Pulse every 14 minutes at night

My Ring Doorbell Pro appears to emit a pulse (infrared??) every 14 minutes at night. This purse triggers a none securty camera.

Is the Ring Doorbell Pro supposed to do this??

Hey @rss! It is possible there is motion being detected which is triggering the lens and night vision PIR. Do you have a video example of this behavior, and is it occurring when no motion is detected?

I have watched the Ring from a distance at night and there is no motion and the pulse emitting from the Ring (every 14 minutes) is not a light but must be an infrared pulse - see picture

My doorbell 2 does the same pulse. I put up another cam to test and it happened 15 times between 4am and sunrise.

Have you tried performing a factory reset on your Ring Video Doorbell Pro?

I’m getting The same with the ring door bell 2. Have you solved the issue ?

Same issue here. Ring doorbell 2.

Just installed and away from home and my non Ring security camera catches what at1st I thought was a light, but assume is an infrared flash.

No motion or video all night from Ring doorbell. But every 14/15 minutes there’s an infrared flash.

Is it illuminating to “look” for motion? Is this as it’s intended to be?

I have pictures and non ring video if needed.

Seems this is an old issue. And seemingly NOT normal.


I can confirm what the other posts are stating. My Lorex Wi-Fi security camera is recording an infrared pulse emitting from my Ring 2 doorbell for about 2 or 3 seconds every 14 minutes throughout the night. It is really annoying, as every morning I have to delete all the records from my camera. If anyone has a fix for this, I would greatly appreciate the information.

So i gave them a call and they said it was ‘normal’ for it to pulse and couldn’t explain why it pulses every 14 minutes. But as i was playing with the settings i noticed that Snapshot capture was on and figured that if i turned off snapshot capture, the pulses stopped! Because the snapshot capture operates every 14 minutes at night, hence why i could see at night time without any IR lights.

Note that the pulses do take some time to stop after you have turned off snapshot capture though

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