Ring Doorbell Pro dropping offline

Getting VERY frustrated. Bought this because the house is empty and secluded. Good voltage, strong WiFi, yet it keeps dropping offline. I can remote reboot (Eero) network. Even put a ring alarm on/off plug on doorbell transformer so I can remotely bounce power when this happens. Have solid power and network or Ring alarm would tell me! Unfortunately only way for me to recover from this is to drive 2 hours and push the side button. It is still under warranty and unless I get some solution, is being returned next time I go to that house. Not happy with my investment!

Hey there, @odomc! It certainly sounds like most troubleshooting steps have been tried here. Thank you for including a picture of this concern. while there are not critical readings in your device health, the picture shows a Mv reading of 3800 and the RSSI is at -59. These are both resource indications of potential power loss or wifi interference. The power reading is good, but it’s close to the line. As you mentioned using a sufficiently rated transformer, please also ensure that the wiring is not too thin and the wire run is not too long, as this can cause resistance over time. The Pro Power Kit should also be installed for use of a Doorbell Pro.

In regards to the wifi signal strength indicating some interference, check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength. As the Doorbell Pro can connect to 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks, I recommend using the 2.4 Ghz wifi network for best connection reliability. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring, thanks for the reply. Need to clarify a few things. I currently do NOT have the Pro Power Kit installed as it showed connecting to the physical chime and there is not one. I just ahve my phone and a Ring Chime. How would this be installed in this case?

As for the WiFi connection, I have a Eero Pro mesh network. The router the doorbell connects with is in the utility room just 10’ (at most) from the doorbell. Not sure how I’d have WiFi interferance as I only have 1 neighbor within sight, and the house has been unoccupied each time the doorbell went offline. So the Ring alarm, Ring Chime, and two Nest thermostats were the only local things that could interfere with the Ring doorbell’s WiFi. I also have a doorbell pro at my primary house in the city (lots of neighbors) and it’s about 40’ from the neareast Eero pro mesh router and works fine. I’ll try switching to 2.4GHz though.

As for the wire to the transformer, it’s in the attic directly above the two story entryway. The wire can’t be more than 30’ long. I could pull new wire but also run the chance of loosing it in the wall when trying to pull it through, so that’s a last resort. I’ll replace the transformer first and see if that helps.

Please let me know how to attach the power kit without having an actual mechanical chime. Thanks!

and it’s down again… just as I got a bunch of motion alerts too!

Thank you for the update on this, @odomc! With there not being a chime kit within the wiring configuration, the Pro Power Kit would then be installed in bypass mode. Here is our help center article for steps and visual on installing this way.

As for your network, this sounds like an optimal setup. Eero provides great coverage and their app allows for performance to be seen. This is likely not the concern, as you stated. As long as there is not an outage with the provider, installing the Pro Power Kit should resolve this.

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear… there is no doorbell at all. Old doorbell was a Honeywell wireless. So I have a power into transformer and out to video doorbell, then a ring chime. So, install power kit in parallel (across same 2 terminals that feed doorbell) or in series (1 wire to transformer and 1 wire to doorbell)?

Hey @odomc. Chiming in for Marley here! You will look at our wiring guide here and follow the guide for “One Doorbell Pro Direct to Transformer.” If you are talking about the wireless Ring Chime Pro or Ring Chime that plugs into an outlet, you will set that up in the app after plugging into an outlet. If you need additional wiring help, I recommend contacting a licensed and local electrician. :slight_smile: