Ring doorbell Pro defective / full flashing white light

In the past 4 days I’ve installed 2 Ring doorbell pro’s. After about 12 hours they both went offline and would not reconnect. Power is at 17V and the doorbell rings as it should. All I get is a full flashing white light. Ring has said the doorbells are defective. I find it hard to believe that both doorbells were defective and experienced the exact same failure. My doorbell is mechanical. The only unusual thing I can identify is the doorbell in the home has 3 connections, rear, transit, and front. I only have one door. When I took the cover off, 1 wire was hooked to rear and the other to front. Per the ring instructions, I moved the wire from rear to the transit connection and connected the little “box thing” they give you. Any thoughts anyone?

Hi @David_G123. Are both Doorbell Pros installed on the same transformer and doorbell circuit? The Doorbell Pro requires a transformer that provides 16-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz, so 17V may not be sufficient power if both Pros are on this circuit.