Ring Doorbell Pro constantly going offline but actually connected to Internet

Recently (about three days ago), my hard-wired Ring Doorbell Pro constantly goes offline.

However, from my router, I can see the Doorbell has very good connection. It is assigned an IP address, and I can ping it. Also, all my other Ring Stick-up Cameras, which connect to the same Wifi, are online.

What’s more mysterious is that the Doorbell can continue to detect motion and respond to the button. And once it has detected motion or being pressed, it goes back online again. But, it goes offline after a few minutes.

Is there a bug in Ring’s server side that determines whether a device is online or not? Or is there a bug in the latest firmware?

Thank you for sharing this experience with the Community, @user12! Whenever your device is not remaining connected, or is showing offline, the best first step is to check your wifi signal strength or RSSI. A device that is reporting offline or poor signal strength, and unable to connect to live view, might be too far from the router.

Here are some other important things to consider:

  • Verify if motion events allow live video to connect.
  • Try out the Rapid Ring app to test live view.
  • Ensure your internet speeds are sufficient to provide not only Ring devices, but all of your devices with enough network resources.

Feel free to confirm if other Ring devices are working as intended, or if a specific Ring device is having this concern. In the meantime, I will certainly pass this feedback along to our teams here for further investigation! :slight_smile:


I am having exactly the same issue. Just started happening in the last week or so.

Previously the device did not have any issues.

When was the latest firmware pushed out?

Hi there, neighbors! We had our team look into this matter and any concerns related to a device showing offline when it is not, should be resolved. Please press the setup button on your Ring device to enter setup mode, then press it again to exit setup mode. This will allow it to reconnect and establish the connected status in your Ring app as intended, if it is not already. Alternatively, you can also follow the steps in this Help Center article to reconnect your Ring devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I am facing the same issue recently. Before the Ring Doorbell Pro had no issue. But now after reset, it is hard to connect to Ring Doorbell Pro’s wifi. Luckily when it connects and follows the setup for internet (Strong Wifi RSSI-28), it connects and after few minutes of firmware update it goes to “Offline” and doesn’t connect back.

I experienced this exact issue (doorbell is connected to wifi but keeps going offline). Automatically reconnects when motion is detected, but otherwise goes offline and indicates it’s not connected to wifi.

Solve - i updated the app and the issue was corrected.

Hope this can help others.

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