Ring Doorbell Pro Connection Issues

I am hoping someone at Ring sees this as we have been posting about it for over 18 months.

About 2 years ago we started noticing delays with our Ring Doorbell 2 connecting. We were advised by Ring to upgrade our wireless network which we did, twice. Then we were advised to upgrade our doorbell, which we did, to a Doorbell Pro. So now we have…

  1. Ring Doorbell Pro hardwired.
  2. Orbi WiFi6 4 nodes rated at 10 GB for 14,000 Sqft.
  3. 1gb Fiber Internet Connection.
  4. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 with 10GB Fiber SFP. We have tried with all ports open to a fixed IP on the Doorbell via a DHCP reservation.

Even with a verified connection to the doorbell at 1gb to 456mb depending on which band it is connected to it always takes 20 seconds to 1 minute or longer to connect. When it does connect you can not hear anything but the person at the door can hear you just fine although everything is severely delayed.

We just purchased an Arlo and a Blink Doorbell to see if the issue is a connection issue and they work fine. Our Ring Cameras also work fine. We have also replaced the Ring Doorbell Pro to see if it’s the doorbell.

Please help. We have almost reached the end of our patience and if we weren’t as vested in our Ring cameras and as well as wanting connectivity with our Garage door opener and camera from Chamberlain we would have already switched to another provider. But the issue is definitely on the server side considering everthing we have replaced and upgraded trying to make this work.

Hi @Gorby. Do you get these same results when you attempt to Live View from Ring.com? When connecting from your phone, are you on WiFi or cellular data? Are there any additional apps open? You can also try changing the channel that you are accessing on your router. This Help Center article here has information on how to do this. I hope this information is helpful.