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Does anyone know if a Broan Mechanical Door Chime model C501-CY is compatible with the Ring Doorbeel Pro? Thanks

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Does anyone know if a Broan Mechanical Door Chime model C501-CY is compatible with the Ring Doorbell Pro? Thanks

Hello @DaveS1110 ,

This is a good question. I wish I could find a good answer. I looked on the online Ring Compatibility List for the Ring Doorbell Pro, and it is not on the approved Compatible Chimes nor is it on the Non-compatibility list. Since Broan is associated together with NuTone, I also looked in that section too, to no avail. As a matter of fact, that model number is not on any manufacturer’s section anywhere on the Ring lists. So we don’t know. :frowning:

Additional potential bad news is that the replacement model for the Broan & NuTone C501-CY is the Broan & NuTone Mechanical Chime LA501-CY and this replacement model is on the NON-Compatibility List. So, if these two models are very similar, then it is very possible the earlier C501-CY version model is also non-compatible . . . maybe. At least this is not encouraging news.


But since this Compatibility List has not been updated in awhile, you could telephone Ring Support to see if there is an unpublished list, or they could possibly put you in contact with a Ring Technician who might have your answer:


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:


But when you finally do find your answer, and get a compatible chime, remember to wire it correctly with the Pro Power Kit:




Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. But since the LA501-CY in on the NON-Compatibility List, it tends to make me think the odds are not looking good for the earlier C501-CY model. Maybe the easiest solution would be to choose a different home chime that is on the Compatibility List.

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Thanks for the information. This was very helpful!