Ring Doorbell Pro burning out (killing) Transformer

I had purchased a Ring doorbell pro, it works fine for a week then it would occasionally stop working for a period of time then start again. I had the doorbell replace and the same thing happens. A few weeks ago it stops working completely and I realized my 5V transformer stopped working. I replaced it with a 16V transformer from home depot. It worked for a minute then stopped. I replaced the 16V with another thinking it was defective. It stopped working again after a minute. Should I go ahead and try a 24V transformer or should I just go back to using a battery doorbell since I’ve used that for years and didn’t have this issue?

I don’t think 5V is enough for the pro. It needs to be 16 - 24v. Are you using the pro power kit as well?

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Hi there, @dela876! A 16V AC transformer should be sufficient enough to power your Doorbell Pro. Please remember to install the Pro Power Kit, and ensure any chime kit being used is compatible.

Check out this Hardwiring Checklist, which I’ve had success using myself for obtaining a most optimal installation for power. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Yes, I have the power kit installed on my doorbell and it did work initially until it didn’t. I do believe the 5V wasn’t indeed sufficient, but I’ll have 2 16V from home depot die instantly, weirdly less effective than the 5V which worked a few days before dying.

I figured it out. If anyone is having the same issue, try the
The 24V transformer seems to be working fine so far, if it stops in the future I will update.