Ring Doorbell Pro and Nutone LA600WH

My existing doorbell is a Nutone LA600WH which is on the compatible list of working doorbells. My friend gave me his Ring Doorbell Pro as he had to remove it from his old house before moving, and his new house already had a Ring Doorbell Pro installed aleady. It was working just fine at his house. When I connect it to the Nutone chime,I get nothing, The Ring light seems to start out glowing initially but it eventually goes out and I get nothing from it.

I checked my doorbell transformer (which was only 16V), but I recently upgraded it to a 24V transformer but the results are the same. I’ve had the Ring Doorbell plugged into a USB port in my computer (in hopes it charges the capacitor). I am going to replacing the old wiring and try it in a few days. If this doesn’t work after that I will update it further, but I had some questions on how to install it.

Reading the Nutone installation manual, it says that a diode needs to be placed on the terminals at the button itself with the silver stripe on the transformer. This works fine without the Ring Doorbell, but I don’t know if it needs to be installed on it when using the Ring. Someone posted in the forum on using this same setup, but thechime wasn’t playing the whole ringtone. I suggested the diode and he said it didn’t need it on the Ring setup. I also tried contacting Nutone about it, and they said to contact Ring to ask them since they are the ones who listed it as compatible. I have tried to contact Ring, but I haven’t been able to yet. Has anyone had any success in installing the Ring Doorbell Pro with this particular model and had it work without any issues?

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, @BlueSkyGeek! The LA600WH looks to be on our compatible digital chime kit list, as you stated. While our other Video Doorbell models might require a diode with a digital chime kit, the Video Doorbell Pro does not. Instead, please make sure to install the Pro Power Kit.

You mentioned getting this device from a friend so if you are needing any hardware or parts, like the Pro Power Kit, check out our spare parts kit!

Once the Video Doorbell Pro is connected, without a diode, you should have chime functionality. I recommend also checking the device settings for your Doorbell Pro in the Ring app, as there is an option to select Chime Type. This will allow you to choose “digital” as the Chime Type for proper integration. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help. I did a test by taking the down the chime and transformer and set it on the workbench. I’ve got it working now, but is there a way to make the chime last longer than 10 seconds? I edited my file but it is just a couple seconds too long and cuts it off. On the app, I see the longest time is 10 seconds. It would be helpful if it were up to 15 seconds.

Hi @BlueSkyGeek. Chiming in for Marley! There is not a way to edit the length of your chime to be longer than 10 seconds. If this is something you’d like to see in the future, head over to our Feature Request Board to see if other neighbors want this too!