Ring Doorbell Pro and Nicor 18888 Chime/transformer issues

Today, I took my Nicor 18888 out of the wall, opened it up, cut the wires attached to the little chime speaker, threaded them together with a nut to complete the circuit and wrapped with electrical tape, put the cover back on the unit, and put the unit back in the wall as it was. My Ring Wired Video Doorbell works perfectly, and the Nicor is now silent. (I’m no electrician; if anyone knows any reason why this might not be a good solution, please say so.)

Did you happen to take some photos of the install? If so, would you mind posting?


This must be an updated version from what I have. It looks like you only have white and black cables coming out. My version has white, black and blue.

I just completed the install of the Ring Pro 2 (wired) with the Nicor Chime Plus 2 doorbell. My previous Nicor chime was not compatible. Installed per directions, voltages all were within specifications. However constant chime as other described above. Cycled power, attempted to reset by holding for 30" (That was Ring technicians recommendations) all with no change - constant doorbell chime.

I removed the power pack v3 from the set-up and reattempted.

All functions and features operated normally and per expectations/specifications.

Give this a shot before clipping wires to you chime - assuming you want to keep that feature for inside your home.

Hi @Getgood. I would advise to keep your Pro Power Kit installed. This helps regulate the correct amount of voltage going to your Ring Pro. If left uninstalled, your Ring Pro may work for a short amount of time, but there is a risk of damage and is considered unsafe. Try changing the chime settings in the Ring app under Device Settings > General Settings.

I tried this method (rewire Nicor 18888) for my Nest wired doorbell (the $60 one) and it did not work. The doorbell got powered but the lower half of the circle was flashing white, which according to the Nest App meant “power supply not compatible”’and I was directed to purchase the Nest Hardwired Transformer, which I will do

Did this end up working long term? Did you receive any feedback that it was unsafe?

I have the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and the same stupid Nicor 18888. I installed this about a year ago and finally tonight decided I’ve had enough and wanted to fix the issue of it not ringing from the chime box. After watching various videos about a “black wire” I finally found this chat thread by googling “Nicor Ring Doorbell”.

Long story short I’m not the most handy with electrical stuff around the house and trying to see if there what the easiest solution to the problem is. All the above comments were helpful but still leaving me a bit perplexed.

Is this a totally lost cause with the Ring Doorbell 3 or do I have a chance with this damn thing finally working?