Ring Doorbell Pro abruptly goes offline - HARD

Have had a Video Doorbell Pro in fine working order, hardwired on a constant-live circuit, connected to a wifi signal (-66 RSSI, is typical), fully functional for well over a year. Goes offline HARD all of a sudden. Won’t reconnect to network, no changes made to network and power has been stable. Health status showed as “good”, 48 hours ago, but still shows “good” today, even though it is offline. Had to reconnect to the network using the side button on the inside. My concern: reliability. How can I trust Ring devices when they just seem to go braindead for no clear reason, entirely at random. Since I did a reconnect, it is working fine once again, but the fact that it just dropped out entirely gives me serious concerns.

Mine does the same thing

Hi neighbors! Some disruptions or interference in your wifi network could have caused the Doorbell to fall offline, but I don’t want to speculate too much. It’s likely this is a one-off occurrence if it hasn’t happened before and hasn’t happened since, as no technology is perfect including wifi. You can read a bit more about RSSI in our Help Center Article here, which is how your Ring device’s connection is measured. A lower RSSI indicates a stronger connection, so if you have anything like this happen again in the future, you may want to follow some of the troubleshooting tips in the article I shared in an effort to lower the RSSI on your Doorbell. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile:

Not terribly satisfied by this response. I suspect that Ring has pushed updates out to their devices to lay the groundwork for their “sidewalk” system… which I’ve preemptively disabled already. My guess is that those updates are large and likely responsible for this abrupt and inexplicable hard disruption to my video doorbell.

Why do I say this? It seems like standard operating procedure at Ring. I have a front door open/close sensor that also, all of a sudden, totally died and would not connect to the Ring alarm, this after working flawlessly for nearly 1.5 years. The sensor is 15 feet away from the base station and literally has direct line of sight to it - completly unobstructed.

Contacted technical support who reviewed it all, acknowledged that my device had an established history, sufficient battery charge, and had suddenly and completely dropped off the alarm devices list for no known reason. I had to, just like my doorbell, re-add the sensor as if it were a brand new device.

I am trusting Ring products less and less. If your new features are causing these hard dropoffs, non-functional SECURITY failures, and utterly unreliable stability WITHOUT WARNING, then clearly entrusting our safety and security to your company is foolish on our part, and outright fraud on yours.