Ring doorbell Pro 2

I have a doorbell that was hard wired to the house. Every now and again I have to reset the doorbell, usually when someone has rang the doorbell. Ringing the doorbell causes the doorbell to shortout and disconnect from the wifi.
Once the doorbell shorts out the only way to get it active again is by holding the reset on the side of the unit for 30 seconds. I checked the voltage of the unit and the voltage coming from the wires is about 22.2v, which seems ample for the hardwired use.
I’ve also noticed that for whatever reason pushing the button for the doorbell it does not always activate the analog doorbell chime inside the house.

Please help!

I’m a new user but my unit is working great. I followed the install directions exactly. I was going to suggest that you recheck your wiring connections to make sure your connections are secure and that no wires are crossed or touching each other. Did you previously have problems with your old doorbell? I was thinking there might perhaps be an old wiring issue, or the wiring got damaged during the install process? (Perhaps the wires got pulled too hard and were damaged?) The transformer rate seems compatible but mine is only 16v.
Also I was confused…the model name is Ring Video Doorbell Pro, there is no Ring Pro 2 as far as I know. Maybe the install directions are different for the Ring 2. Also, check your Pro Power Kit thing that gets installed on your internal door bell. Double check your wiring connections there too. Maybe I’m way off base here but I’m just trying to help you. Good luck.