Ring Doorbell Pro 2+

UPDATED (see Pictures 9 - 10 and 11 at the end )

A Head’s Up for Support and Ring engineers - I just fitted / swapped out my old Ring wired doorbell for the Pro 2 and have hit a major flaw which can and should be addressed quickly for everyone in the same situation. I am a retired Alarm / CCTV Engineer and have some knowledge of Security Cameras (which include Doorbell Cameras) and how they should work.

After Installing and Extensively testing the Ring Pro 2 here is what I have discovered.

  1. IR Cut Filter Settings Incorrect

The Light Sensor which switches the IR Cut Filter is set way to high which ( in my case ) makes the following happen.

With the Security Porch Light OFF in standby and the Pro 2 IR set to ON – Night Vision (NV) ON – Colour Night Vision (CV) ON and the High Dynamic Range (HDR)OFF the Video is as expected ( photo 3)

When the Security Porch Light is activated (ON) this is what the Video looks like (Photo 4)

Now with the Pro 2 settings the same as above EXCEPT turning OFF the Night Vision in the app – This is what it looks like with the Security Porch Light OFF (Photo 5)

This is what it looks like with the Security Porch Light ON (photo 6)

As you can see the Security light is enough to illuminate the area. but because the IR Cut Filter (Day / Night setting ) is asking for way to much light intensity to turn it OFF I/We are stuck with a Bad Colour Night Vision when it should easy enough to update the firmware on the Doorbell to lower the lighting needed to Switch the IR OFF when a well light Security light right in front of the doorbells sensor Switches ON

  1. Why the HDR should also Turn ON & OFF with the IR Filter

What this means in my situation with the Pro 2 at night with my Security PIR Light (PL) OFF in Standby – the Pro 2 Night Vision (NV) ON – Colour Night Vision (CV) ON and the High Dynamic Range (HDR) ON. The video feed from the Doorbell has a faint Pink Hue this is caused by the HDR ( Photo 001 )

with the HDR OFF there is No Hue (photo 2)

Ring Please make an AUTO (follow the IR Settings) option available in App not just On & Off

I hope Support will see this and make the changes quickly as in my case with the Pro 2 Doorbell it at least should rival other manufacturers doorbells I have fitted / tested in the past. especially for what it cost’s

Finally, this might not be just for the Pro 2, so it might help with others in the same or similar situation

Hope this Help’s


UPDATE 20/8/2023

It seems I figured out the problem I was having and it took a while to sort out but at least I am Happier for now.

Here is the current photos showing IR only with NO HDR ( photo 9)

and Porch Light On with NO IR and NO HDR

Heres what I designed / 3d Printed / fitted which sorted out the problem for now ( Photo 11 )


As you can see it looks like I was getting to much reflected light back into the sensor from the underside of my Porch Ceiling. So having tested some different ideas I made this Door Mount from scratch in CAD.

In our area we have had at least six households Doorbells ( 2x Reolink 3x Ring and one or two non Branded ) either Damaged or Taken.

So I made my Ring Pro 2 Mount to include an Anti - Theft Device ( designed by me ) and maybe mine won’t go missing in the future.

Final Conclusion - I still think the HDR should be made to Automatically turn OFF when the IR Cut Filter is switched a night and back on again in the morning.

I also still think the IR settings are wrong from the factory but not sure if firmware updates could remedy this.

Hope this helps someone


Hi @Garp. Thank you for this very in-depth analysis. I will certainly be sharing this with my team in hopes of improving it in the future.

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