Ring Doorbell Pro 2 won’t ring my indoor chime

Installed the Ring Doorbell Pro 2. The wiring is all correct at the doorbell as well as the pro power kit.I have checked and rechecked my wiring.

I don’t have Alexa as an option to answer the doorbell and the device is properly configured for a mechanical in-house chime. The doorbell works fine.

However, immediately after connecting the doorbell pro 2, my in-house chime no longer works when the doorbell is pressed!! WTH?! How do I get my in-house chime back?!?

try to uninstall the pro power kit and check if it will ring your internal chime

Removed the propack and it does not ring the internal chime. The chime was working fine before the ring doorbell pro 2 install.

try to do this.
device settings
in home chime settings
set to mechanical and saved the changes

Newer door bell and specifically video door bell pro do not work well with an house chime. Especially if the chime is electronic,.

I do not even bother with house chime, just use the transformer for power and get a ring plug in chime.

As mentioned in my original post, I tried that initially. And it’s already set to enable mechanical chime. BUT……will try again. Tried it…no change. Also, when I took off the power kit, the interval chime began to hum very loud. Didn’t sound like a good thing.

Not interval….internal.

check the compatibility here. check the make and model of your chime

Did that previously also. It’s a nutone model which is designated compatible.

I appreciate that comment and the recommendation around the chime pro. I do have a chime pro. But I prefer my internal chime and frankly I think it’s misleading at best of Ring to advertise their doorbells as compatible and at the very least should level set expectations if their are issues with internal chimes. If I hadn’t already paid for and installed the device I’d take it back. But here I am with a doorbell that doesn’t ring the internal house chime.

Any @ring support people on here to offer any assistance?

I can’t offer any real solution, but I can definitely commiserate with you. I just installed my Ring Pro 2, and it will not ring the mechanical chime either. The chime was not only working fine with the original “dumb” doorbell, but it was also working fine with the Google Nest Hello video doorbell. Everything is wired correctly, everything is setup in the app correctly – it simply doesn’t work. Honestly, that’s the main reason I had a Google Nest Hello doorbell for the last three years – most Ring doorbells are simply notorious for requiring a separate chime, and quite a few of them can’t even be wired and have to use a battery. Now that my Google Nest Hello doorbell is getting a little long in the tooth, and with the release of the Ring Pro 2 (which specifically advertises as wired and compatible with existing chimes), I figured now was a good time to convert to Ring. I’m kinda regretting that decision.

Possible workaround – even if you don’t have any Echo devices in your home, if you have any Alexa devices, you may be able to use those as chimes. I’m actually using my Fire TV Cube 4K as a chime (in addition to my wife’s and my phones). There are times my wife and I are not at home with our phones, so having it chime on another device is necessary for my son to know that someone is at the door.

Hi @user40724. First, what type of Chime Kit do you have? Are you using Pro Power Kit V3? Can you share a picture of your Chime Kit, doorbell transformer and wires going to your Ring Pro 2? This will help me diagnose your concern.