Ring Doorbell Pro 2 video freezes, ghosting, choppy

Just purchased ring pro 2 video doorbell at Christmas. Was working fine. Have only had it short time. Today is Jan 20, 24. Bestbuy says I’m just past allowed return time of course. … Problem: Was working fine. All of as sudden, now video freezes up quite often, people look like that have a trail of duplicates of themselves (I refer to that as ghosting). Im in west tn and we have been having unusually cold weather lately. The doorbell is no directly in the weather (under a porch). The weather has been unusually cold lately (example low of 8F , high of 20 etc). This doorbell is hardwired and I’ve read the cold should not affect it so I’m confused why it started acting like this. …… Any help?

Hi @carguy2003. What is the RSSI for this device? This information can be found in the Device Health menu of this Ring app. Have you attempted any troubleshooting steps?