Ring Doorbell Pro 2, use in direct sunlight

I have a new ring Doorbell Pro 2…
… all is working fine, even in the early morning as it faces directly to the east so gets a view of the Sun as it travels across blue sky, well on clear days.

There’s no significant glare that causes issues to the pictures so I guess the sensor is designed to cope with pointing directly at the Sun?
A bit like my car windscreen mounted camera that’s used to help keep me in lane, it sits on the drive and copes with direct Sun, as it has to when driving around.

I just wondered what folk think, are the newer ring camera sensors more resilient than early ones? I certainly don’t see any picture obscuring glare as others see on the older devices, but don’t want it to burn out over time.

The image below is just the top 1/4 of an image…