Ring Doorbell Pro 2 UK (no retrofit kit for wall)

The doorbell annoyingly came with a corner kit but I want to install the device on a brick wall that is outside with no corner angle required.

An electrician is coming to install the doorbell in the next 24 hours, so purchasing the retrofit kit from ring.com would be pointless. The item would arrive too late. I’m so disappointed.

Can I install the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 on a brick wall without a retrofit kit? The doorbell would cover any previous holes. Is there anything I should be aware of by going down this route? Should I be concerned, that without the retrofit kit, water may go into the device more easily or am I mistaken?

@Howdoesitwork The retrofit kit basically is designed to reuse the holes from a battery powered Ring Doorbell meaning you don’t have to re-drill. It is basically a two piece unit that splits. One part has screw holes to go into the wall, the second part clips over the top and has screw holes for the doorbell to attach. There are no issues using the doorbell without the retrofit kit, its purely designed as a way to easily fit it without re-drilling. What I would say is it is very flimsy plastic and if your wall isn’t totally flat like wood or smooth brick it will just flex. I tried to fit it to a stone style brick wall as I thought the backplate gave the install a more “finished” look but it just flexed and bent when trying to attach it. Depending on where you are in the UK you can have mine as I don’t need it.

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