Ring Doorbell Pro 2 - transformer warm

I just bought the Ring Doorbell Pro 2. Before I installed the doorbell, I tested my original doorbell transformer (18V 15AV) with a voltage meter. The transformer was drawing 14 volts. So I bought a new transformer from Ring (16V 30AV) and installed it. Voltage meter show it drawing 17V. Then I went ahead and installed the pro power kit in the chime and installed the Ring doorbell pro 2. Everything is all set and working nicely - love it. But I checked the transformer and it felt kinda warm - not hot but warm to the touch. Should I be concerned about this? Should I upgrade to a 24V transformer?

Hi @Craig3. I’m glad to hear you were able to get the Doorbell Pro 2 installed and running without a hitch. Since a transformer uses electricity, it has to give off that waste heat as a byproduct of the operation. This can result in it feeling warm to the touch, the same way a laptop computer or a phone that you’re actively using can feel warm. However, I am not a qualified electrician and if you ever have any safety concerns on the temperature of your transformer, I would urge you to contact a qualified electrician.